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Artist in Residence in Fuping, China

In September I stayed doing artist in residence in Fuping, China for Futo International Ceramic Museum. In three weeks I made 5 works ... working very hard ... I was lucky that the pieces have gone well despite difficulties such as not diferent materials, poor communication with local people etc ... but it was very worth. It was fun to meet and share the experiences with other artists. We were five Japanese, one Hawaiian with Japanese origin, one Australian, two Catalan and one American guy. Very good group. We opened our exhibition in the city of Xian at Xian Futo International Ceramic Museum.

Artists Maryke Herderson (Australia), Esther Shimazu (Hawai), Cris Baskins (USA), Eulalia Oliver, Anna Ferrer (Spain), Satoru Hoshino, Ruriko Miyamoto, Hide Fujimoto, Jumpei Omori, Takako Higashibatake, Chisato Kuroki (Japan)

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